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Career Coaching is different for each person. Some people are singularly directed towards one professional path in life. Others take many directions. All paths need to be supported and at some point asesssed, to determine if they are really working. Sometimes the person to assess is not you, but someone else, who can look at the bigger picture, be objective, fill in the gaps of what is missing and help you to strategize how to get what you ultimately want. Shift your way of thinking.

Whether it is a slight curiousity to uncover a new possiblity, a strong desire to transform your path because your work is no longer what you expected, or you are no longer challenged; all reasons are valid and need to propel you to do something. So, do something...allow me to help guide you through the process of change.


Marilyn Beck Karimi

Career & Goal Setting Coach

About Me (a.k.a.) My Elevator Speech...

I have been in Human Resources focusing in recruitment, training & development and counseling for over 15 years. I am passionate about business psychology and what makes people and organizations synchronize and thrive. 


After receiving my Masters degree in Business Psychology in 2006, I focused exclusively on Career Counseling in order to facilitate other people's discovery and development of  their dreams and talents and to act as a sounding board for actionable steps throughout the process. 


I recently expanded my focus to collaborate with other expert coaches by bringing additional resources to my clients; from financial guidance, health and nutrition, to behavioral health and well-being. 

Having successfully worked with over 500 clients to transition into new positions and career paths, my clients and I  explore and create customized plans around the following:


  • Career and/or job assessment, professional interests, and values 

  • Job search strategy, goal setting, timelines and follow-up

  • Resume writing, cover letters, summary portfolios and other communication documents

  • Interviewing skills, industry recruiter contacts, networking in person and social media

  • Benefits package negotiation - what to ask for

  • On the job mentoring & professional development - the do's and dont's


To learn more detail about these services & others, click the buttons below:

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