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What Clients Are Saying...

"Marilyn is not only a very professional career counselor she is a very resourceful one as well. Besides coaching me with all the aspects of career seeking, she also gave me valuable resources that directed me into obtaining a WIA grant where I attained a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification which opened many job opportunities for me."

Daniel W. - Materials Manager

"Marilyn is really good at helping a client define their goals. She is a great coach and motivator who checks in regularly to ensure that a client stays on course to make their goals a reality."  
Susan M. - Event Manager 
"I had the pleasure of having Marilyn as Career Coach when I was laid off my job as electronics engineer. Marilyn was very helpful in not only the practical part of looking for employment, but also in being a sympathetic ear to my situation.  Marilyn had many good ideas and always tried to keep me positive during this transitional period."

 Guy D. - Senior Product Engineer

"Marilyn's vast knowledge of career development and job search strategies is second to none. She helped me by understanding exactly where I am in my career and gave honest feedback to give me the tools I need to get to where I want to go."

Mike A. - Workplace Learning & Performance, Instructional Design, Training

"I have the greatest regard for Marilyn’s talents as a Career Transition Professional and HR Consultant. I had the opportunity to connect with Marilyn during a formidable career transition and was impressed with her unique gift for combining disciplined execution strategies while maintaining the right dose of empathy. She possesses excellent collaboration skills whereby she elicits pertinent background and goal information and is able to articulate an effective strategy for immediate progress. She is truly a joy to work with." Carin D. - General Manager  

Goal Setting Workshop-


"I felt like the gifts I got from our group sessions were unexpected and wonderful. The 7 Habits book is great for those who want to take a good look at themselves, their path and what may need to change in their lives."  Alexis R. - Accupuncturist


"My biggest take-always related to the chapter on roles and balancing our responsibilities so that we can be at our best.  I also really like the win-win approach and the idea of making and drawing on deposits in our relationships." Lindsay S. - Operations Manager (Education)

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