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What Does Your To-Do List Look Like?

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like the pressure of your career search or life's work is just too much? I don't know about you, but I am a great list maker. I have to-do's for miles. Some important, some not. But somewhere in my mind I have given all of these to-do's credibility to end up on my calendar or yellow pad AND THEY MUST BE DONE! That list, by the way, is not my motivator. Some days I look at that list and turn abruptly around, walk out the door and do anything to avoid EVERYTHING on that list. I love a good distraction, the immediate gratification of getting lost in something else. Today, I am writing this post, partially because It is on my list to write something career-related once a week, but more importantly, to remind myself what motivates and inspires me. What inspires me, whole-heartedly, is seeing people following their dreams, no big or how small. I am inspired listening to people's stories; their wins and losses, their rebounds, their laughable moments, and their teachable moments, within themselves. By that I mean, that moment when you are having a challenging experience and you have an "aha" moment where the lesson of what you were supposed to learn instantaneously appears. And within this line of thinking, one of the concepts that has ALWAYS inspired me is the idea of a life-enriching conversation. I thrive from stories of others. I like seeing their eyes come alive when they speak of something they are passionate about. I like seeing their eyes or body language when they have a realization, a moment of truth or a light bulb clicks on. That sensation, for at least that moment, provides them a clarity, to either take a step forward, open a new chapter, ponder a different path or in some cases, close the doors on some lingering story or challenge. So, my to "real" do list for today- is spending 5-10 minutes on my inspiration list. It includes:

  • Writing to your gratitudes. (family, family, family, and my wonderful tribe of friends )

  • Writing to your intentions on how you want to "be" in this day. (be flexible like a palm tree, let go of unrealistic expectations)

  • Writing to your goals; career-related or otherwise. (work on website, move the people I work with forward on their path, keep writing short stories and posts)

  • Writing to what makes you happy, what inspires you. (being physically active, music, dancing, hiking, laughter, a good joke)

  • Go do some, if not all of those things on THIS list.

What does your list look like?

Thanks everyone, who has shared their stories with me.

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