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Career Coaching: Are your finances affecting your path?

Continuing the theme of those "roads blocks" on our career path, this week's focus is around money. All of us have a story of when money brought stress to our lives in one form or another. Or maybe that's a central theme in your life. With the career path, there can be stress around the cost to go back to school or maybe the job your'e in doesn't pay your monthly bills. Whether you accept it or not, strategizing your career path's next steps can seriously be hampered if you are feeling overwhelmed by money problems. This week's collaborative partner is Beth Crittenden, Financial Organizer & Counselor. After reading her website I was amazed at the many resources available, the small steps I could take to get organized and the peace of mind I can feel around money even if I haven't met all of my financial goals. Hope you get something from it too. Marilyn

1. Tell me a little about you and why you decided to go into this type of work?

I used to think that dealing with money was not "spiritual". I was previously teaching people about how to have healthier relationships with themselves and their partners. I was really enjoying the work, but not thinking anything about my own finances in the present or the future. Some wonderful (and challenging) people and events helped me realize that I needed to face the money thing, and I started getting money counseling and basic financial education. I started a business as a home organizer and kept feeling drawn to the stacks of unopened mail and bulging folders in the office areas. So I started focusing on financial organizing as the next phase, and also learned bookkeeping. Then I eventually integrated my somatic psychology training with the practicalities of money, and my love for helping people understand the whole spectrum around money, from feelings to account details.

2. What is one of the personal joys you get from working with your clients?

When they tell me, "I've never said this out loud" and then share something that I'm always honored to hear. It's a joy to hold space for peoples' healing and empowerment.

3. How can the service you provide help someone who might be struggling with their career?

I know that scarcity around money during career struggle can add a whole lot of pressure to the situation. Many people find that handling their money stuff, even when there's not enough of it there at the time, can bring a unique peace of mind during the time of uncertainty.

4. From your experience, what is one step a person can take to help them get moving or motivated on their path?

Find an accountability partner, someone who can be loving or at least neutral, with whom to discuss money fears and hopes. I find it to be extremely powerful to say things out loud and be witnessed, especially when I'm feeling fearful, confused, or overwhelmed.

Beth Crittenden • Financial Organizer & Counselor 415.425.1615

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