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When you think of your "Career Path", where does your spiritual health and wellness fit in

It's Friday. It's been an inspiring week. I have gotten lots done. I have a new business idea, story ideas, plans for the house, and the list goes on. All is seemingly well. But this next topic relating to your career path delves past the checklist. One that has great influence on a person’s success in their career. The spiritual path is one I have danced around for many years. Somewhere along the way, I realized though, the practices I created that became habits when I was on the path and feeling connected, needed to be a constant in my life, regardless of how successful I was or not.

When talking to clients about their business strategies, I don't ask, "Are you spiritual"? I ask, " How are you showing up in your life? Do you have rituals? Do you make time to reflect? If not, why not?” Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart, Spiritual and Life Perspectives Counselor, speaks in depth to the practice of this. It is an honor for me to have her "showing up" in my life and in many others.

1. Tell me a little about you and why you decided to do this type of work?

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart: I am a long-time teacher, coach, facilitator and counselor. I love teaching and discovered that I enjoy focusing on how each of us can tap into our "best" self; not just as the monumental or mundane actions we take each day, but also the thoughts, words, beliefs, energetic presence and service that we offer the world. I believe this awareness answers the questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” My focus is on the process of living easily and graciously, and offering our gifts gently and generously. This work is my joy.

2. What is one of the personal rewards you receive from working with your clients?

It is delightfully satisfying to witness others as they discover and grow into themselves, expand their perception and heal their self-inflicted wounds. This is the moment of their quantum leap into life, realizing peace and contentment and finally understanding--as the character Auntie Mame said-- "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

3. How can the service you provide help someone who might be struggling with their career?

My willingness to walk the journey with others through this life maze allows each person to safely unwind the inward spiral that is their discovery of Self. Sometimes awareness comes quickly; other times it feels like a slow-walk to an epiphany, but it is their truth and their triumph. I do not "fix" or "heal" anyone, but rather offer new ways to perceive and respond to life's unfoldings moment by moment. I help others to realize the choices that are always available.

4. Based on your experience, what is one step a person can take to help them get moving or motivated on their path?

Each of us must get to "cause"... rather than bouncing off the effects in our lives out-pictured as our circumstances and situations. We must not be deterred by the symptoms we experience and continue to put "band-aids" on our life, but rather uncover the "cause" of our predicament and shift something in our awareness to change that. This life is entirely based on CAUSE and EFFECT. Most of the time we are overwhelmed by the wrong one. I get people focused in the right direction.

Roxie Hart

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