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Shift, Change, Re-ignite.

These days are thought-filled ones for many. Noticing lots of questioning expressions on people’s faces. The New Year is also around the corner. People in the throws of making shifts they previously thought they had figured out. When you are contemplating something that feels perhaps, bigger than you, how do you go about taking a step forward?

Julia Holladay, Personal Mastery and Life Transition Coach, shares her experiences with us and what has turned out to be the next stop on her journey, discussing coaching others in those “in between moments”, and helping them in re-igniting the next phase of their lives. Enjoy her inspiring work.

1. Tell me a little about you and why you decided to go into this type of work?

Over the years I have found either external or internal changes happen from time to time and that means a life transition is on the horizon. Changing careers, empty nests, retirement: these big life transitions all feel the same in the beginning as we rewire and reboot for what's next. This time can feel very isolating and people often feel stuck or in limbo, looking at their horizon with a lot of unknowns. My last big transition was just that: I had gone back to graduate school to earn a Master's degree in Leadership and once I had completed this challenge, I had to figure out how to use this learning in a meaningful way. It took a while, but eventually a career in coaching called out to me and once I received my certification, a desire to help others in life transitions was what I chose as my niche. Today it feels like a calling and I love my work.

2. What is one of the personal joys you get from working with your clients?

I love the personal transformation I see clients make as they lean into their lives more fully, with clarity and renewed passion. Sharing resources and connecting clients to new information and ideas that helps them redefine and reenergize is a huge joy for me. In my coaching practice I work primarily with career women, 50+, who are at a midway point in life and want to expand their identity beyond current roles and titles. Often we get stuck in a rut, doing too much and meeting everyone else's needs, until we eventually burn out. I meet clients when they are in limbo, between the life they currently lead and the one they imagine is possible. We get under the surface and look at how to begin to take small and bigger steps toward aligning present with envisioned future. Change isn't easy and can feel uncomfortable, so I am there in the in between moments to help regroup, motivate and refine options.

3. How can the service you provide help someone who might be struggling with their career?

I use assessments like the Core Values Index, which helps clients understand their truest nature and energy to make the highest contribution professionally and personally. Beyond that, we explore their past experiences to build a natural bridge to either revitalize their career or determine a better fit in another field, if that's in the cards. A lot depends on circumstances and the deepest desires of the client. I am a good sounding board and story reflector. I find some stories serve, while others limit, and I like to help focus on the facts and the stories that offer opportunities and let go of what gets in the way of growth and inhibits happiness.

4. From your experience, what is one step a person can take to help them get moving or motivated on their path?

I strongly believe in the power of accountability through committing to thoughtful goals and sharing these intentions with someone who is going to keep you to your word. It's helpful to have a conversation ahead of time, when everything is yet to be (i.e., before the real work happens) and ask yourself, "What is helpful to hear when I fall short or feel discouraged?" Then make sure this is communicated to your accountability partner, so they will know how to best motivate you.

Julia Holladay

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