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It's the little things

It’s Friday evening. I am tucked in bed with my computer after a long busy week.

I love that I carved out the time to reflect on this week.

What worked?

What didn’t?

What did I learn?

What will I do different next week?

I am going to be honest.

Our politics have gotten me side-ways. I have been wound up-tight.

I feel less available, less understanding, less sure-footed and frequently pissed off.

So, in thinking about making goals for the week on my usual Monday morning, I have just wanted to escape; go skiing or play in the snow. Do anything but think.

The good news though? Lots of great things happened this week that I had nothing to do with! And I am grateful to know about them. So that is what I am going to reflect on this Friday night.

  1. Someone I work with got a great job she worked very hard for.

  2. Someone I work with started his new business and found a really serene, cool place to live in the new city he moved to.

  3. A friend’s daughter got into the college she wanted and received a scholarship to boot.

  4. Another friend just got a new job and moved back to California. Yay for me!

  5. Anther friend is opening up her own birding/education shop.

  6. Another friend got a major author to write her forward in a book she wants to publish.

And here are some that have nothing to do with work, but I am included in.

  1. I got to have a meeting with some friends about how we can do some things to take action around positive change.

  2. I did my first hike of Cowles Mtn. with my daughter and she wants to do it again.

  3. I had an amazing yoga experience with Reiki and Tibetan bowls.

  4. I am playing hooky next Wednesday and going to the snow.

  5. I have spent the last 5 days eating healthy.

  6. Last, I received some feedback from someone and I took it to heart. I am truly thanking them for the message and the awareness that came from it.

Very little of this week’s accomplishment’s was work-related. I just have to say loudly, It does not always need to be that. Things are shifting and I am trying to learn to shift gracefully too, give myself a break and when I am ready to jump back into my goals with a total work focus again, I will.

Next week’s goals focus? Set my intentions to have positive and present interactions with people I am working with, take time in between for me to stay centered and sure-footed, set meetings that are in alignment with the type of work I want to do, and…make sure to take lots of naps.

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